Month: January 2017

A Guide to Vacationing on Vancouver Island

Canada may be a surprising answer for travelers in search of a non-traditional island getaway. But there are tens of thousands of islands scattered around the country’s 125,567 mile-long coast, making it a perfect option for travelers seeking lesser-known isles. And one of the best islands in Canada is Vancouver Island. This wild, rugged sweep […]

Canada’s ‘Iceberg Alley’ Is Drawing Crowds, and You’ll Understand Why When You See It

Visitors to Canada can experience a natural form of entertainment in Newfoundland called “Iceberg Alley.” As icebergs break off the Greenland ice shelf and float down the Atlantic Ocean, the water near Newfoundland and Labrador sees hundreds of the formations float by in the spring and summer, providing tourists with a great opportunity for taking […]

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